Industrial winches produced on demand for application according to your demands:

We don´t have a catalog as our customers all have special demands. Our “catalog” is this webpage and contact possibilities.
Please contact us if you have special requirements, and we will produce to address your special needs according to your specifications.
(If you need an offer for an industrial tailor-made winch according to your specifications, including product description, principle drawing, and delivery time, please contact us)

Industrial special customer produced winch
Industrial special customer-produced winch hoisting 22t-1000m

For Swedish Skyrex we developed this Custom-designed winch: Video: Winch for 22t lifting, 1000 m wire cable, speed 26m/min (YouTube)

Industrial and customer-designed winches in client-specific applications:
Get inspired by custom-designed winches and winch equipment produced according to customer demands. Industrial heavy-duty winches (electric, pneumatic, ATEX, and hydraulic) are used in all kinds of industrial applications.

We offer a broad range of experience in client-specific solutions for mounting windmills, for the mining industry (ATEX), the forest industry, etc., and we will do our best to find the optimal economic, technical, and problem-solving solutions for you.
We develop in SolidWorks 3D CAD software and produce, sandblast, coat, and test at our own production facility. All welding is being executed according to DNV NEN-EN-ISO 15614-1:2012 / AWS D1.1:2010 ASME IX:2013. When requested we can deliver any winch under a witness load test or full certification by a notified body (NoBo) such as DNV/GL, B.V., or LR.


We also offer a broad range of industrial “standard” winches. These winches consist of standard elements in stock which mean lower prices and quicker production time. If possible this is normally the cheapest solution.

Please have a look at standard winch types from our producers and send us your questions using the contact formulary:
Marotechniek winches
Huchez winches 
FluidMechanica winches
Warrior winches 
Gebuwin professional handwinches

Also please see ordinarily produced (mostly in Asia) standard winches here