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Biofilter: Article from /Energinyt/Cleantech/article14565837.ece<

One of the biggest challenges of the time is the large amounts of CO2 emitted from chimneys all over the world. Another current and equally big challenge is energy supply security and dependence on gas imports. But a team of researchers from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has now, together with project partners from DTU and the companies Nature Energy and Biogasclean, developed a reactor that can solve both problems at the same time. The reactor is a so-called biofilter that can convert CO2 into green gas in the form of methane. The filter contains microorganisms that grow as a biofilm on the outside of the filler bodies This is what Henrik Wenzel, who is a professor at the Institute of Green Technology and the brain behind the filter, tells us. “Then you add gas in the form of CO2 and hydrogen, and then they live by converting the gases from which they grow.” “Their waste product is methane, which is what we benefit from,” he says. If the method becomes widespread for all of Nature Energy’s facilities, it will be able to save 200,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. This corresponds approximately to what 55,000 passenger cars emit in a year. But it doesn’t necessarily end there. With the full expansion of biogas in Denmark, over 2 million tonnes of CO2 alone can be captured in the future “It could also be the manufacture of cement – we don’t have any concrete inquiries – but it could also be a source that can be used for this. Wherever you have a CO2 source, you can use this technology,” he says. Overall, this can add up to many million tonnes of CO2, which in Denmark alone can be converted into methane gas. And the solution is just as interesting abroad, so “the sky is the limit”, assesses Henrik Wenzel.


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CEO, Per Resen Steenstrup