Agricultural- and foresting machinery in Bulgaria.
We are proud to introduce the danish company Fransgaard agriculture and forestry machinery in Bulgaria.
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Logging winches in Bulgaria.



The Fransgard winch was designed and manufactured in Denmark for over 30 years. Its robust design, and extra weight, will provide great traction and enable skidding logs, even in narrow trails. The heavy-duty butt plate and tow bar can be sued for dozing the logs, and leveling trails. All winches have a cam-activated clutch system


* All winches include PTO, cable  & protective safety screen. * Specially designed cable resists friction for a longer wearing life. * 1-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.
* Owners manual and parts book provided with every winch. * All winches have a cam-activated clutch system. * PTO hookup ground clearance specifications enable choosing the ideal model for your tractor. * Top pulley is mounted on bearings, and extra supports provide additional resistance for heavy loads. * Cable drum tension bracket prevents the cable from unspooling.

Retail price and product list Forestry: (Ask for the updated price)

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Efficient machines for extracting, stacking, and loading whole or cut logs
Fransgård offers machines in the form of winches, grapple tongs, and log grapples

Efficient forest machines for several industries

Over the years, Fransgård has developed a wide range of machines for both small and large forestry jobs. Machines are developed with special focus on the following customer groups:

  • Farmers engaged in forestry as a secondary occupation or for their own use,
  • States and municipalities that have forest districts, roads, and parks
  • Forest owners who own estates, private
  • Forestry contractors, including machinery contractors

Fransgård machines are built for our goal of building strong and functional machines that make forestry – even in hard-to-reach areas – easy and efficient. That’s why our machines come standard with a number of great built-in features that make everyday forestry work easier. We also offer a range of optional extras for specific tasks. The machines are very suitable for hard-to-reach forest areas, where the minimal impact on the forest floor and the environment is desired.

Road maintenance and cleaning.





Retail price and product list road maintenance and cleaning: (Ask for the updated price)

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Fransgård road maintenance machinery

Efficient machines for road maintenance and clearing, and for trimming and clearing vegetation along roads. A large selection of levelers, chain mowers, snow blowers, and spreaders





Efficient agricultural machinery for mowing, swath wilting, raking, and stalk grinding.


Retail price and product list hay-grass (Ask for the updated price)
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