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We are very pleased to be working with serious customers and projects in these and other countries:

From time to time we are receiving comments if our customer has the time to write.

NOMICOS YACHTS  The world of yachting Alimos, Greece
Winches for yachts.

Comments: Hello Poul, Your winches (Ninja 3500) are very good and working perfectly. None of them has any failure. Thank you very much. Nikos Kaloudidis
The world of yachting Alimos, Greece

United Kingdom:
BSP Hydraulics
Hydraulic winches for trucks. “Brexit” created problems.

Comments: Have been buying test samples of hydraulic standard winches for trucks, but no feedback yet except this: Hello Poul. I hope you are well. We would like to start advertising more with the Winches.


Danilift, (Palfinger) Denmark. 230v hoist for the customer’s application
Vestas, the global leader in wind energy and green energy.
Eltronic (Wind Solutions) Winches for Vestas Windmills

Winches for mounting of big windmill blades
Winches for tall buildings glass facades

May Market, Varna, Bulgaria. 24v winches for pulling.
HPP winches

Hydraulic 2-speed winches

Winches for material transport

Kazakhstan: Mine winches

winches for oil rigs

Winches for agriculture machinery