Industrial Hand Winches  produced for Winch Supply customers.

In order to show you what a hand winch is, we have chosen a few of the types produced for Winch Supply by Gebuwin, and please also visit the Gebuwin webpage.
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Worm gear hand winch
Worm gear hand winch

Hoisting and lifting capacities go up to 7500 kg in worm- and spur gear versions. Gebuwin also provides its long-term customers in the international offshoring, marine, mining, agriculture, and food industry with electrical-operated industrial winches and is specialized in custom-made hoisting and lifting solutions. In addition, Gebuwin is the right place for punching and turning parts, sub-assemblies, and complete end products.
A wide range of products- we are mentioning a few below.
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Worm gear winches with capacity up until 7500 kg:

These worm gear hand winches have a transmission that consists of a worm shaft and wheel. Due to the fact that this transmission causes friction loss, it also provides 50% of the braking system. The load pressure brake provides the other 50%. These winches also have a second drive shaft that provides the user with the possibility of two speeds. The combination of the braking system and robust design results in a very safe hoisting and pulling winch.
Theatre hand winch:
Theatre hand winch
Theatre hand winch

Theatre hand winches in many sizes and applications.
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Marine worm gear winch 1500 – 5000 kg

Marine worm gear winch 3000 kg
Marine worm gear winch 3000 kg

These Gebuwin worm gear hand winches are specially designed for marine and offshore environments. Because of its fully covered worm gear transmission (IP54), the high quality 316 stainless steel parts and the C5M paint specification this winch has proven to be the right choice in harsh environments. Available in capacities 1500, 3000, and 5000kg.

Worm gear belt winch 750 kg

The webbing belt winch WB750 is a compact winch because it is specially designed to be used in combination with a webbing belt. The maximum hoisting capacity is 750 kg and when used as a pulling winch the capacity is approximately 2000 kg.

To ensure quality all of our product development is done in-house in our engineering department.

Gebuwin winches have a robust design, are highly reliable and always have a safety factor of 4.

Example of other solutions:

Battery drill winch
Battery drill winch

Gebuwin also provides custom-made hand winches

A custom-made solution is a solution designed according to your specific needs and requirements. This will give you a product ready to use in your application and therefore you will save time and effort.




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Gebuwin price list 2024.1
Gebuwin catalogue 2024 v1.0


In the link above, you will find our new pricelist. The prices of the winches remain the same. The prices of the cables have been lowered by a few percent (page 14).

Temporary material surcharge:

In Q1 of 2022 we had a temporary material surcharge of 6,2% on top of our prices. Due to further rising prices, we had to increase this surcharge to 10% in Q2.

Despite the persistent fluctuations in the prices of materials, we have managed to keep the prices at the same level.

That means that the temporary material surcharge for Q3 2022 remains the same => 10% on top of the prices.
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