Winch Supply is working with innovative companies devoted to energy savings or producing green energy.
An very good example is the Swedish company Brunkeberg, using high quality winches in the unique Brunkeberg System for façade replacement, new constructions and façade cleaning systems in tall buildings.

Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.
Very significant factors are to use more energy-efficient facades which will lower CO2 emissions as mandated by new regulations.

We work with Brunkeberg to reduce energy losses through windows in (tall) buildings (Skyscrapers) by supplying sophisticated winches which enables the patented system to work efficiently by constructing new buildings and for re-cladding.
Please have a detailed look at the video to see how the Brunkeberg system works.
Some special videos focusing details in the Brunkeberg system:

The Brunkeberg Rail Hanging System (RHS):

This unique system utilizes the installed Brunkeberg rail system  also makes it possible to hang “banners” directly on the facade for advertising, installation of sunscreen systems, photovoltaic systems, etc.

The Brunkeberg Sliding Wall:

With traditional building methods, construction work is often delayed due to bad weather. Utilizing the Brunkeberg Sliding Wall, the contractor doing interior work on any given floor can easily continue working without any interruption from changing weather conditions, nor risk of damage to expensive materials or machinery.
Every curtain wall eventually reaches a point when it needs to be replaced due to aging, safety risks, or a need to reduce repair costs.

The Brunkeberg Automated Facade Cleaner AFC
A sustainable energy efficient surface cleaning system that utilizes the installed Brunkeberg rail structure. It’s driven by gravity, operating without dependence on any external supply of water, chemicals and power.
Compared to traditional facade cleaning systems, the Brunkeberg AFC will allow for faster and more efficient cleaning system.

The Brunkeberg system is the most cost efficient and effective system.

Contact Winch Supply for more information if this is interesting for your “front running” company. We like to develop your project in cooperation with Brunkeberg