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We do professional industrial winches worldwide. We focus on green transformation.
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Winch Supply Ltd. is a registered company based in Nesebar/BG. The company is producing and trades winches focusing on custom-design (tailored) and standard products. With Scandinavian roots, we are up to date and committed to serving the green evolution whether it´s about raising the biggest windmills on/off-shore or the newest technology for transferring electric power ashore.
Winching is a commitment to us.

Welcome to Winch Supply. Ltd. and Industrial Winch
Your supplier of professional and industrial solutions.

“When it´s storming some seek shelter. We produce green  energy.”

We are proud to contribute to making “the green future” possible with our winch solutions for installing wind turbines, wave energy systems, and energy-saving systems with customer-designed winches for special green applications.
Advanced standard winches for hoisting and pulling are another important part of our industrial winch products.
We believe having experience and knowledge of winches to your advantage!

On this webpage, you will be inspired by highly developed winches and winch equipment produced according to high and complicated demands. The products comply with international standards and are based on demanding financial criteria.

Based in Bulgaria and with Western Roots (elspil. dk and elvinsch.se), Winch Supply offers direct access to the newest winch technology at the best (Bulgarian) prices produced by the best European winch companies.

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So why buy winches from Winch Supply Ltd. in Bulgaria?
Bulgaria is a member of the EU and is following all EU and local directives.
VAT in Bulgaria is only 20%, but for company buyers from another EU member state, no VAT is included in the invoice.
Business in Bulgaria is trying very hard to conform to good European standards of trustworthy business behavior. Winch Supply.Ltd is a trustworthy business partner.
A warm welcome to Winch Supply!


This is how we can help:

Fill in your contact information in the contact form.
Receiving your information, we will contact you to discuss your project/idea.
We will be happy to send you an offer for your special industrial-designed winch, including product description, principle drawing, and delivery time. Please tell us what you need and we will quote you an offer. 

Delivery – and production time (EXW + shipping time):
If your project needs technical development: at least 7-8 working weeks after approval of the technical drawings.
If you need a standard winch from the shelf: normally about 3-4 weeks.

* The availability and price of materials and raw materials are currently very uncertain. Therefore, we are unable to provide you with a definite answer about the delivery time and the price when issuing the quotation or entering into the agreement.

If (1) a different price is charged to us at the time of purchasing the material in question and/or (2) the material is delivered to us later than we have taken into account when preparing the quotation/order confirmation, we reserve the right to charge you for this price increase and/or to extend the delivery period. We ask for your understanding of this situation.

Payment terms:
For custom-designed winches, payment terms are normally 100% by order, but Winch Supply accepts 50% by order and 50% by delivery.
For standard winches (all kinds) payment terms are prepayment before we send the product.

To find out more, please contact us by email at info@industrialwinch.eu or call +359 877 334 928.

Warm Welcome as a customer of Winch Supply. Ltd.

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Winch Supply Ltd. is the first Western Winch Company in Bulgaria targeting the industry in the former Eastern Europe market with new western winch technology. We are specialists in "tailormade winches" (electric-hydraulic-pneumatic) and standard winches. Contact us to find the best winch product for your demands.

Intelligent Winches for intelligent solutions 
Custom designed winches in client-specific applications. Get inspired by custom-designed winches and winch equipment produced according to customer demands. El...

Winches for Mining
Whether you need to excavate, transport or process more efficiently, our portfolio of mining winches sets the standard in an increasingly competitive industry. Our offering is, loading and hauling and mate...

Electric Industrial Standard winches (230-415V) for pulling and hoisting.

Warrior winches:

Most of the Electric Standard Winches are produced by Winch Solutions, UK, and comes under t...

Industrial Hydraulic Standard Winches

“Standard winches ” is a very competitive market because of the many cheap copy products.
Winch Supply Ltd. only offer original products within the subcategories elect...

Some other interesting winch types:
Out of endless models and possibilities we have chosen a few only for your inspiration. It´s free to contact us to get our opinion of what is possible to solve your need.:


Professional Hand winches for the industry.
In order to show you, we have chosen a few of the types of hand winches with hoisting and lifting capacities up to 7500 kg in worm- and spur gear versions.


A warm welcome to Winch Supply. ltd