G: We are -for your inspiration- showing a few of many other interesting winch products from Winch Supply.
Winches for pulling and lifting in special environments and applications.

Auto advanced line spooler.
This interesting product development is from AlliedPower in the USA.
The Linespooler is a mounting plate for the winch, and it´s possible to pull the object the whole way to the winch.
As the line spooler can be wall-mounted, it saves production space and it´s not necessary to the considerate distance to first sheave as the line will be placed perfectly on the drum -layer by layer

The big advantage is the perfect spooling line and no need for sheaves to secure correct spooling:

The systems can be used for pulling and hoisting up to 7000 kg.

See the functions and advantages in this YouTube video.


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ComeUp H 2500 230 V

This pulling winch is very efficient if you need to pull over big distances and troublesome terrain like big walls, tough ground and in underground pulling application.:
Capstan winch with dual pulling capacities (2.500 kg and 1.500 kg)
Dual speed according to drum size
Overload protection ensures automatic shut-off
Electromagnetic spring-applied fail-safe brake

Specification: Pulling capacity: Large drum :1,500 kg Small drum ; 2,500 kg Rope speed: Large drum, 50 Hz:  4.0 m/min; 60Hz: 5.0 m/min  Small drum, 50 Hz: 2.5 m/min; 60 Hz: 3.0 m/min-Motor rating IP44: 0.6 kW x 4 poles- Gear train: hypoid gear plus spur gears –Gear ratio: 154:1
Wire rope: 8 mm x 50 m (included)





Traction Block

This traction block 220v comes with 8 m wire as an alternative to Warns Pulzall.
Including infrared remote control (8m)
Weight 7 kg
Used for light cargo up to 250kg or for fixing an object before permanent installation





Also available as battery “winch everywhere” model:
Capacity 450 kg
Manual control + 2 radio remote controls
2 batteries and loader
4,6 m rope
Weight 7 kg
Speed 5m/min





Sea bottom


We developed this special winch for a Swedish company, who had to take up sea bottom tests of water.
Marine motor
Speed 50m/min + frequency inverter (variable speed)
Wire: 500m
Load: 250 kg

The winch is mounted on a boat.



Pulley Man:
The Pulley Man is a portable winch that can hoist up to 600 kg (1322 lbs). The Pulley Man has no cable drum but the cable is led through the winch. Due to this, there is no limitation on the length of the wire rope. The Pulley Man can be used by simply attaching the swivel hook to any construction available. There is no electricity needed, one can just simply use a cordless drill to lift and or pull loads up to 3000 kg (6600 lbs).

Product specifications

  • Lightweight and portable. Suitable to lift loads up to 600 kg (PM600). Suitable to pull loads up to 3000 kg*.  No electricity needed.  Easy to set up with suspension hook. Can be used with a cordless drill and power drill. Possible to rotate the load 360°. Can be used in 3 positions. Standard rope length 12 meters (possible up to 50 meters). Patented self-braking reduction brake. In compliance with EN14492-2, EN ISO 12100. Paint thickness is 100 micron in 1 layer and in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944. Paint classification C1M – RAL7035 (grey).You Tube video
    Technical specificationsPM300PM600
    Lifting capacity (kg/lbs)300  (660)600 (1322)
    Pulling capacity (load on wheels, 6° slope) (kg/lbs)1500 (3300)3000 (6600)
    Pulling capacity (load on wheels, 35° slope) (kg/lbs)450  (990)900 (2000)
    Number of falls12
    Line speed (no load) (m/min)63
    Line speed (full load) (m/min)3,751,85
    Wire rope diameter (mm)4,764,76
    Standard rope length with hook (m)1212
    Weight excl. rope (kg/lbs)3,8 (8,4)4,1 (9)
    Weight incl. rope (kg/lbs)5,7 (12,5)6 (13,2)
    Weight complete kit (kg/lbs)9,5 (20,9)10 (22)

The Predator 10,000LB (4,546KG) Dual Motor Electric Winch is designed for hard-core competition. Two powerful 7.2HP sealed motors provide a performance that is truly out of this World, coupling this with a 108:1 ratio 3 stage planetary gearbox enables this performance winch to handle even the most extreme off-road punishment.

With a surprisingly low draw of only 140 amps (at no load), the Predator also contains an innovative ‘multi-stop’ 10% ratchet brake design, which provides zero drag when returning the ‘cable in’, and is situated away from the drum to prevent any damaging heat transferring to your Armortek or Synthetic rope.

The steel drum flanges are precision machined to 10mm on either side to resist the unique loading characteristics of synthetic rope, while the Alloy Carbon gears are heat-treated and tempered to 62HRc rating for extra strength. This Warrior from another dimension will mercilessly prey on its weaker rivals, hunting the opposition down. At 10kg lighter than any of its nearest competitors, with off-load line speeds from 20m per minute & available with or without a synthetic rope, there’s a Predator out there, ready & waiting, for everyone!
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