Winches for mining by Winch Supply LTD.

Mining in underground mines or in open mines, whether you need to excavate, transport or process more efficiently, our portfolio of winches sets the standard in an increasingly competitive industry.

Winches supplies by Winch Supply Ltd. help to carry out mining as efficiently and on as large a scale as in open pits. These winches are produced in the Netherlands or in Germany.
Standard winches and ATEX winches normally cover the need, but in some situations speed and the length of the wire need adjustment.

For underground work, we also provide ATEX winches. Please tell us about your need.

From underground projects in Sweden, we have experience providing winches designed for specific functions. Including Atex certified winches.
A project partner of ours is Boliden in Sweden. Please have a look at probably the most efficient and updated mining company in the world.

As times change a new challenge is to empty old mines for water in order to restart the mine production. Winch Supply delivers the winches to lower down the pumps to get rid of the water!

Winch Supply also offers a wide range of products for geological and sea bottom research.

Please contact us, we can help to find or construct the right equipment.