Our main winch category is:
Industrial customer-tailor made winches for pulling and hoisting.

 (electric-, hydraulic and pneumatic winches produced by Marotechniek nl, Huchez fr or FluidMechanica es)-

Best to do: ask us for a solution, production, and delivery time for your project.

We are also providing most Standard winches:
Normally on stock with a delivery time of 1-2 working weeks:

-Standard electric industrial winches (230-415v pulling and hoisting
Industrial hydraulic winches
-Standard DC-winches (12V-24V) for pulling and hoisting.
-Other interesting winch products for pulling and hoisting.

-Industrial Hand Winches

To inform and inspire we have collected some projects presented below:

Custom-designed industrial electric and hydraulic winches for many purposes:

Custom made hoist
Winch 20t lifting, 1000m wire

Mounting of wind turbines
Man-riding winches
Helikopter-rescue winches
Slipway – winches
Winches for theater installation
Winches for mining engineering
Winches for the fishing industry


We mostly produce our tailor-made industrial winches at Marotechniek (nl), Huchez (fr), or FluidMechanica (es)


On the sea bottom:
Winches for pulling of power cables from offshore windmills to land. Picture 2 from the boat storage.
This requires very special winches in order to have a flexible pulling function, in case the plow on the sea bottom is hitting a rock.
We mostly produce these special customer-designed winches together with Marotechniek in Holland.



In the sea:
The fishing industry is constantly developing big sea farms in the ocean.
In order to raise the big nets or walls of the sea farms, winches with high IP are needed.
In cooperation with FluidMechanica, Spain, we design and deliver special winch equipment for fishing.



On ships, capstans are used for many pulling purposes.
Capstans can be an electric or hydraulic and short or long model (for underdeck)

We produce in cooperation with Marotechniek and FluidMechanica



In the forest industry:
Among our projects are special winches for the forest mill industry in Scandinavia.
Many functions in the product lines of the mill are automized with the help of winches with special speed functions.



Mounting of wind turbines:

So far our projects have been in Scandinavia in cooperation with Eltronic-ws.com, Siemens, Stena, Vestas, and other companies.




Slipway winches:
In many places, a slipway is essential for pulling boats and ships onshore. We have experience with electric and hydraulic winches installed at the end of the slipway.




Helikopter-resque winches
This picture is from a training center in Finland.
Another winch was delivered for a similar training center in Vladivostock.
The demand for security is extremely high for these winches, which are produced according to certificates and customer demands.



Theater and stage lifting





You are welcome to contact us with your projects and questions