What is a custom designed industrial winch?

If a customer needs a winch to fit into his special application, we call it a “customer-designed” winch. Another name is a “tailormade winch”.
This is a product which cannot be found as a prefabricated winch (standard winch), and hand in hand with the customer and our producer we do the entire project.

Cheap price does not work as guideline for getting a good winch

To choose the right winch can be difficult, but if you focus on a few important issues, you will save money and avoid a lot of trouble by getting the right machine from the start.

Many customers makes the mistake not to pay attention to the duty classification:
If you choose a winch made for sporadic use and use it continuously it will create problems.
Unfortunately many customers choose the cheapest product (far East Produce).
You can find 2 apparent similar products with a price difference of 100% having the same effect, but one is constructed for sporadic use the other one for continuous use.
Always choose a product matching your frequency use of the winch.

How long does it take to order and receive a custom-designed winch?

The normal time from the first customer contact, is about 17 weeks. If the customer is willing to buy a winch as quickly as possible, 12-13 weeks + transportation time
Customers planning to purchase in the future is another situation. We make an  time limited offer and then after many months the customer comes back with an order based on this old offer. In this situation we will need to make a new offer.

Technical considerations and winch arrangements takes time!

Many customers of customer designed winches hope a winch is something on the shelve, but reality in the winch business is very different. Each industrial winch is special designed and produced according to the specifics of the customer application.

Technical arrangements, feedback, drawings of applications etc. take 2-3 weeks. On top of this comes the production time of the winch -normally 12-13 weeks-, including parts from sub suppliers.

If you plan to buy a custom-made winch, please consider a delivery time of 20 weeks

The maximum pulling/lifting force of a winch:

Custom designed winchesAll winch capacities are based on the pulling/lifting force in the first layer of the drum 
The biggest force of the winch is the pulling force on the first layer of the drum.
As more and more rope is added to the drum the drawing/pulling speed will increase but the pulling force decline. (Please study the technical information for your specific winch choice)

If a pulley block (with one wheel) is used the pulling capacity will double, but the speed will be 50% slower.

When using a pulley for heavy duties the amp going through the motor will be reduced, meaning the motor will be less warm.

The winch must have a capacity of 1.5 times the weight to be pulled/lifted. So a winch that must pull 2 tons must have a capacity of 3,5t.


AC winches (220v-480v) follows the general physical rules for all winches, but your attention is needed on these special subjects:

Extras (“options” in our offers)




Special equipment (options, AC, hydraulic and pneumatic winches):

Pressure roller:

Tailor made winches

Pressure roller, which is pressing down the wire on the drum.
If necessary to”guide” the placement of the wire on the drum, the most common is to use a “pressure roller”. (Many of our standard models have this as a integrated feature)

This system is working fine for wire lengths up to 150m. If combined with a grooved drum it’s even better.
If the wire is longer we recommend using a Spooling gear system

If the wire is short we recommend a grooved drum to place all wire in the first layer on the drum.

Contact Winch Supply for further information.


Spindle limit switch“: (230v-380v designed winches)
A mechanical device stopping winding “in-out”.

Spindle limit switch

The spooling gear makes sure the wire is placed correctly on the drum.

spooling gear
















grooved drum makes sure the wire is placed correctly on the first layer.











Slack wire switch To make sure the wire is always under pressure.

Slack wire switch







Pressure roller Pressing the wire onto the drum. Also if winching is stopped

Pressure roller winch







grooved drum







Band brake Used when the brake needs to be controlled

Band brake