Hydraulic winch 4536 kg/10000lbs

Hydraulic industrial pulling and lifting winches

We recommend the use of hydraulic winches as they are very reliable, simple construction and stabile.

Hydraulic industrial pulling and lifting winches are essential equipment in various industries where heavy lifting and pulling tasks are required.

Industrial hydraulic winches for towing and lifting in industry and off-road.
LV-HV, LV-HVDS (2 speed) and LV-HVFS (fast speed) are series of hydraulic traction winches. The LV-YT series are fast-paced industrial games in compact design designed for lifting.

We offer a 3-year factory warranty and use stainless steel components to the greatest extent possible. All hydraulic products are originally produced.
Delivery time for standard winches normally 2-3 weeks from ordering.
Payment terms: 100% by order

Did you know that more and more customers are choosing to mount a hydraulic towing winch on their vehicle instead of an electric winch?

The advantages are many and the stability very high. These winches are also in principle waterproof, (but do not work underwater). The winches are designed to connect to the car’s hydraulic system and are usually built in between the car’s bumper and engine. Talk to your mechanic about the possibilities.

Our winches are used on forest machinery, in connection with demolition, on tractors, on rescue vehicles and in many other industrial applications where stable winch systems are necessary.

Of course, it is possible to increase the usefulness of the hydraulic winch by using a wireless remote control.

If you need a hydraulic accessory, please tell us.